The city of Rab hosts the Medieval Festival with knight games entitled Rapska Fjera

Rapska Fjera is a Medieval festival which is held on July 25, 26 and 27 in the city of Rab. The festival pays tribute to king Ljudevit the Great who freed the city from the Venetian rule and the saint St. Cristopher, the city of Rab’s patron saint.

The entire city is like taking a journey into the past. You can see an exhibition of Medieval trades and crafts, Medieval fishing skills, a crossbow competition and much more. The City of Rab will give you the fantastic feeling of living in the Medieval Ages for three whole days.

In addition to a variety of crafts and trides, you’ll be able to try out a wide range of dishes which have been around since the days of yore. At the end of the festial, you will be able to enjoy the most amazing fireworks and a concert of famous musicians that lasts well into thenight.